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International Finance: 2011-2012

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Course schedule: days, as listed in the course outline.


Students taking this elective course should expect to learn the basics of international finance. They will gain skills in choosing sources of external financing, foreign investment and international risk analysis. They will learn through hands-on case studies how to assess risk. In the end, the goal is to provide a state-of-the-art overview of international finance.



Prof. António Marques-Mendes
Office nr.: 417. Tel +351-239-790-548; Fax +351-239-790-413
Web site   http://www.marques-mendes.com • E-mail student@marques-mendes.com

Lectures and seminars take place on Monday in Room 1.2 and on Friday in room 2.2, both at 11:00AM.

Tutorials and appointments are available by prior booking through email

Details on Marques Mendes' current research interests and availability to supervise MBA and PhD thesis can be found in his personal web page.


The course employs cases and problems as well as classroom lectures and discussions. We will make use of international as well as domestic examples. Presentation assignments will be due for most sessions. These will be prepared individually. Each student will be expected to participate actively in class discussion. There will be a final exam.

The Course on the Internet

We will make use of the Internet--notably the World Wide Web--for resource material and communication. Indeed this course outline itself will change: the definitive version is the Web site at www.marques-mendes.com/feuc/iif/index_iif_2011-2012.htm. All students must have an email address and Web access. Your default address will be the one assigned by the Course Instructor. Lecture materials, as available, can be downloaded from the Web. (In some cases you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader, Version 6 or higher, available free from Adobe's World Wide Web Site http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html.). To access it, use iif2011 number ID, and your 4-digit password (ask me) to get in.

To keep up with the world of international finance try the following Web sites:

Text and cases

José António Porfírio, Gestão Financeira Internacional, Ed. Rei dos Livros, 2003

VALDEZ, Stephen, Julian Wood, An introduction to global financial markets, 4th ed., Palgrave, 2003. [UCFE 339.7 VAL]

Students should have read the assignments before coming to class. Material covered in the assigned textbook readings will not be repeated in class. Rather, class time will be devoted to lecture and case discussion, applying the material covered in the readings.


Students must choose one of the following grading systems:

A - Standard assessment regime (written final exam )

B - Mixed assessment regime (available only for students with a minimum class attendance of 60%), includes:

Students failing to pass through project work and oral examination can still register for the standard written examination, but are discouraged to do so because the pass rate is usually very low.

Course Outline Topic Summaries Reading List The Quiz Page Financial Investments Marques-Mendes's Resource Page

Course Outline

(The links to the readings will be provided as we proceed)

Date Topic  ESMI (IM) Chap.  Other Readings, and Materials on the Web Cases/Assignments










Course Introduction

International Finance and the Welfare of Mankind

Introduction to globalization and international finance


Globalization and International Finance


Case assignments




International Financial System and Institutions
    Individual presentations on: IMF, BIS and OECD
12-13/10/11 3

Introduction to External Accounts


Balança de Pagamentos de Portugal

Posição do Investimento Internacional de Portugal


Where Did All the Borrowing Go?


12-13/10/11 4 Foreign Exchange Markets and International Payment Systems The $4 trillion question: what explains FX growth since the 2007 survey?   Online trading session
19-20/10/11 5
International Macroeconomic Interdependence Current account imbalances

Reflections on Global Account Imbalances and Emerging Markets Reserve Accumulation

Explaining the Global Pattern of Current Account Imbalances

Apresentações sobre os fluxos financeiros e as formas de interdependência entre grupos de países: Grécia, Irlanda, Zona Euro, USA e Japan
26-27/10/11 6
Trade Finance JAP - Ch. 9 Trends in Trade & Trade Finance

New Ideas in Trade Finance

Individual presentations on: Remittances, Incoterms, Open account and Documentary Credits. Credit Insurance
02-3/11/11 7 Development Financing: Multilateral Banks MM MM&Meica Individual bank presentations: WB
09-10/11/11 8 Balance of payments financing: IMF adjustment programs MM (1,2,3,4,5) Recycling Petrodollars Individual bank presentations:  EIB
16-17/11/11 9 International transfers: Development aid DAC   Individual presentations on adjustment programs for: Argentina
23-24/11/11 10 International investment: FDI and Multinationals HKK; AB Multinational Corporations Trends in international aid
30/11/11 11 International risk  Country Risk and the choice of International Business Jurisdictions
JAP - Ch. 16 e 17
  Individual presentation on FDI in Brazil
07/12/11         Individual presentations on risk analysis for CPLP countgries
14-15/12/11 12 Managing currency risk How to hedge foreign exchange risk

Adrian Buckley, Ch. 11-13

Forex risk management


    Entrega dos trabalhos     Written essays must be delivered in printed form at my Office before 12:00PM on the 17th December 2011

(Nota: as versões em papel devem ser entregues na portaria ou no gabinete do docente. Os anexos em excel devem ser enviados para o endereço: trabalhos_iif2011@marques-mendes.com com o nome do aluno no assunto. 
Dias de atendimento em Janeiro:   Dia Dia    
Exame 1a. chamada ()

Exame da 2a. chamada ()

1/2-Hour Final Oral Exams:

Lista dos alunos elegíveis para avaliação continua.

Calendário das orais

Sample quiz page for oral examinations

Course Outline Topic Summaries Reading List The Quiz Page Financial Investments Marques-Mendes's Resource Page

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